"People can do jointly what they cannot do singly; and the union of minds and hands, the concentration of their power, becomes almost omnipotent." - Daniel Webster

Why Papa Kelsey's

Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Sub franchise system provides qualified people the opportunity to own and operate a specialty restaurant serving pizza, unique hot submarine sandwiches, and related food and beverages. We invite you take on the business opportunity you have been looking for.

Our organization offers its customers fresh, made-to-order pizzas and unique, delicious hot submarine sandwiches. As we always tell our customers: “Eating here might just be the best decision you made today.”

At Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© restaurants we attract and satisfy customers of all ages and professions. We specialize in seeking variety for our menu, the freshest products, and providing high-quality service every time the customer walks in. We’re flexible: lunch, dinner or evening, orders can be filled for in-store dining, take out or delivered in one of our recognizable delivery vehicles.

Our Food, Quality and business systems set us apart

But, that’s just what the customer receives; as a Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© franchise owner we offer the latest in cutting-edge management tools, delivery systems, and an ongoing support services to satisfy your customers’ expectations and your business goals.

Setting the Standard for Freshness

At Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© restaurants your products are sliced and prepared daily, and the bread is made fresh on location first thing in the morning. It’s hard work, but your customers will taste the difference in the first bite.

Why a Franchise?

A franchise provides several advantages not available to people trying to start a business of their own. Starting an independent business can be very costly and frustrating. The U.S. Department of Commerce states that in general, franchises have a better chance of survival using the franchisor’s know-how and trademark. Plus Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© is a time tested, proven business with 30 years experience and expertise.

trade name, and on going business development support, franchising provides qualified entrepreneurs with an increasingly popular way to achieve the American dream.

The Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© franchise program is designed to enable you to put the advantages of franchising to work for yourself.

Papa Kelsey's uses RapidFire© POS

Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© uses the RapidFire© point-of-sale system to save you time, give you more control over your business, and cut your costs. Using standard PC computer hardware, you and your employees can choose menu items by touching a computer screen with a finger or light pen.

The RapidFire© system eliminates messy handwritten tickets, reduces order taking time to increase volume, controls labor and food costs, generates detailed reports, provides marketing capabilities, supplies inventory controls, eases hiring and training, and streamlines purchasing operations and accounting functions. Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© uses RapidFire© to:

  • Increase profits by providing quick and accurate orders, reducing kitchen mistrakes and waste, and calculating tax and order totals.
  • Personalize service by displaying customer information when orders are placed, providing information for verifying delivery, and automatically printing coupons or messages on receipts of new customers.
  • Market customers by using the database for identifying first-time purchases, sending direct mail pieces, and recontacting infrequent customers.
  • Control labor and food costs by providing the tools to train new employees, monitor employee activities, generate labor reports, and track inventory.
  • Provide management reports to analyze operations and generate time clock, delivery, customer, inventory, server, and department reports.
  • Customize features to protect data, automatically generate and send reports, centralize order processing at one telephone number for multiple stores, and automatically back up data.

RapidFire© features contribute to your restaurant’s profitability, the system’s client support, system reliability, and low service costs. Continual and timely enhancements offer Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Sub© franchises the tools for making your business profitable and providing your customers a new level of service.

How We Keep Papa Kelsey's feeling so FRESH!

Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© believes that our delivery customers deserve the same high-quality food and service they receive in our stores. To provide this superior service, Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© delivery systems use the ultimate delivery vehicle, which features a 6.5 cubic-foot convention holding oven that can carry up to nine 22-inch pizzas or twenty-six 12-inch pizzas. The stainless steel compartment is heated to a 180°F by an engine heat exchanger system to preserve food quality and freshness. The oven is specially designed to fit compact vehicles. You also receive the benefit of displaying the Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© logo and telephone number on vehicle.

  • Papa Kelsey's Pizza & Subs delivery system ensures consistent quality in:
  • Food
  • Service
  • Image

Our delivery system is further enhanced by the RapidFire© point-of-sale system and the fact that each of our cars is equipped with a 2-way radio. With RapidFire© system, we can take our commitment to customer satisfaction and service one step further. The state-of-the-art delivery dispatch system ensures complete customer satisfaction. Should a problem arise, our delivery system immediately flags the problem, so you can compensate the customer! With 2-way radios in each car, the driver can call the restaurant for immediate directions to the delivery location. This ensures on-time, quality service.

A successful delivery program can increase sales by as much as 35%. That is why Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs has invested an enormous amount of effort to develop a program that works!

Be Your Own Boss!

With a Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© franchise, you will be in business for yourself. The Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© franchise system provides you a full range of startup and ongoing support, including:

  • Restaurant location review
  • Design & Construction
  • Complete equipment satisfication
  • Comprehensive training that includes food preparation techniques, staffing, customer service procedures, financial controls, and the hands-on procedures and management techniques to train and supervise your employees.
  • Access to our Operations Manual, which details the day-to-day operating procedures of your Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Sub business.
  • Purchasing power to acquire products and equipment available at group rates through the Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs franchise organization.
  • Ongoing promotional support, including advertising materials and system wide coordinated strategies.
  • Opening assistance. We will be at your side to help during the important opening days. To help your business get off to a strong start and run smoothly, we will guide you in hiring, training, purchasing, operations accounting, and marketing.
  • Continued research and reports on new menu developments, product procedures, equipment, and other innovations.

While the success of your Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© depends on you, our expertise provides the edge to building a thriving business! By providing established operating techniques, a recognized trade name, and ongoing business development support, a Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs© franchise porvides qualified entrepreneurs an opportunity to achieve the AMERICAN DREAM!

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